Karamouza started as a home supper club that has since become a pop-up "taverna" where you can enjoy Greek comfort food, fun games and engaging storytelling.

Karamouza's vision is to build authentic experiences that promote the lesser known treasures of the Greek cuisine, tradition, and culture.
Ultimately, Karamouza wants to inspire you to visit alternative areas of Greece, try high-quality local produce, discover unique dishes and ingredients, and enjoy the Greek hospitality.

No recipe is a secret! Good food is here to share :)

Want to see what this is all about?

Join us at our upcoming event on Nov 4th with the theme:

Watch a short video with moments from a previous event when our theme was the island of Crete!

Grape, Wine and Dionysus

November 4th 201719:30-23:00


Menu: Salad, Lamb, Potatoes, Yogurt Ice Create


Our theme for the event is “Grape, Wine and Dionysus” (the ancient Greek god of the grape harvest, winemaking, festivities, and theatre).

We will explore the grape and wine as culinary ingredients, while our storyteller takes us on a colourful journey around the vine and wine traditions in ancient Greece, and the exciting and adventurous mythology of Dionysus.

Expect to taste Graviera (a unique Greek cheese), petimezi (grape must), and moustokouloura (must cookies) amongst other Greek delicacies.

The cost for the 3 course menu is £30 per person. Greek organic Tsantali wine (white Assyrtiko and red Cabernet Sauvignon) as well as other drinks will be available to buy separately at the bar (this is not a BYO event).

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Dietary Requirements

Vegetarian and vegan options are available
(please specify during booking).

For any other dietary requirements:
(ex. allergies or specific dietary requirements not listed above)
please contact us before booking.

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